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999 Questions on the Rules of Golf

"A book to help every golfer
enjoy their sport more,
improve their scores
and make the right decisions on the course."

A unique gift for any golfer, at a special price

'999 Questions on the Rules of Golf' contains;
* 999 questions in 3 sections; easy, moderate and harder
* 3 formats for the questions; true/false, open ended, multiple choice
* Reference to the relevant Definition, Rule or Decision for every answer
* Explanations to aid readers understanding of the Rule
* An easy, look-up index to resolve the myriad situations that occur on the course
* Questions on all 34 Rules and 126 sub-sections

About the author:

Barry Rhodes has been making presentations and answering questions on the Rules of Golf for several years. In March 2008, he became the first person to achieve a 100% correct mark on the public Advanced Rules of Golf Course examination, run by the UK Professional Golfers Association (PGA). He started his popular blog on miscellaneous contents on the Rules in November 2008, In addition to the book '999 Questions on the Rules of Golf' he has also authored a CD, '99Golden Nuggets to Demystifying the Rules of Golf' and an iPhone application, 'Golf Rules Quiz'.

Miscellaneous comments received:

"It's much easier to learn the rules in such a digestible format. Thank you." Chip B*

"Barry has come up with a way of explaining rules situations that will not only entertain the will educate him or her and help make them a better golfer. Keep a copy in the grill room at your fact purchase two or three...they will get worn out from use."Dan S*

"I can't recommend Rhodes fine book enough….it's saved me some Nassau money, and has paid for itself twice over already." Charles B*

"Well presented book with various golfing situations and their rulings described. Worth the effort to get to know the rules especially as you can dip in and out of the book easily." Steven G*

"So thank you once again, I am excited to read your book." Noel A*

"After reading Barry's book I found it much easier to navigate through the rules of golf book." Alan M*

" Many thanks for your book. Itís really is fantastic to have examples to help to understand the rules of golf." Pierce H*

"I purchased 999 Questions on the Rules of Golf. It is excellent!" Ian B*

"Your book is a great reference in support of the Rules of Golf and Decisions books." Paul R*

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